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Modeling for ssspread


What we're looking for

Bottom line  real queers. We don't cater to any specific body type or gender expression. Are you a dyke who tops? Willing to bottom? A butch into daddy scenes or a femme into S/M? Or maybe a sweet boi boot licker? When you contact us, we can discuss how you want to present yourself, and talk about what kind of scenarios you want to engage in...and with whom? It's just gotta be hot, hot, hot!


What you get

If you decide to model for ssspread, we will pay you $75.00 for working if for our photographer. Shoots usually last an hour or two. You will also receive a limited free membership to the site, so you can show off to all of your friends. After all, you will be an official porn star!

Shooting Process

We make a practice of talking at length with our models about what we're doing and why. We want to build a relationship so you will continue to work with us. We'll make arrangements with you about when and where we can shoot, and we'll also discuss your limits, if any.


Legal & contractual requirements

You MUST be 18 years old, however, we prefer our models to be at least 21 with valid photographic identification. In addition, we will need you to sign a model release relinquishing all image rights to us. These documents are secure and would only be shown to officials, if necessary. We take privacy very seriously and would not release this information under any other circumstances.


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