About us

We're a team of artists who have been involved with issues of sexuality and gender for many years. We're committed to the queer community and want to serve a segment of that community that is under-represented in web pornography.

The site is a response to the fact that there are few good queer porn sites. Most of the ones we've found have fallen short in many ways. Our goal is to make the site a work of art in its own right. This is a project that we feel very strongly about. Terry, my partner in this project, is a web designer in San Francisco and I teach at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I've worked with sexual subject matter for the last 20 years and with issues of pornography and female pleasure for the last 10. It is a personal and political issue for both of us. This is the logical next step in reaching a particular audience and taking a position in a controversy that continues in and out of the courts.

We want to make this site an exception to every rule. We are working hard to make the site extremely user friendly, easy to navigate and understand, elegant in design, free of banner advertisements in all essential areas, and interactive on as many levels as possible.

To that end:

  • We believe that feedback is an essential part of the web experience. Bulletin board forums and direct feedback emails permit members two-way communication. In the future we will include message threading which allows the user a unique ability to discuss each story, set of images, or article directly on every page.

  • We give users a choice of thumbnails which can be enlarged individually or an automatic slide show to enhance the narrative qualities of the images.

  • We encourage member submission of photographs and stories.

In regard to our images, the scenarios we shoot are based on discussions with and the fantasies of the people we photograph. This will expand to include suggestions from our viewers as to the specifics of what they want to see on the site. ("Tell us your fantasy, we'll shoot it for you.") We believe this is one of the features that make us different. We only use professional models if they are queer or sensitive to the mission of the site. The majority of our models have been friends and acquaintances who are interested in and support what we're doing. The use of non-professionals as talent was a decision we made very early in our process and represents our attitude toward the idea that queers are as interested in seeing themselves in pornography as they are in the fantasies that pornography creates.

We've worked hard to design a site that will bring queer porn to an audience that has been waiting too long.


With many thanks for your interest in ssspread,

Barbara DeGenevieve



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