Privacy Policy

last updated: 10/8/01

ssspread is firmly committed to providing the highest level of service and consideration to our members. The following statement discloses the information gathering and dissemination practices of our web site.

Contact Information

ssspread gathers name, address, phone and e-mail for billing purposes. E-mail is usually our preferred method of contact.

In addition, ssspread and iBill record the IP address of the computer you used when becoming a member of ssspread. This information is only used if there is an investigation of fraudulent activity.

Mailings and Third-Party Offers

As our site grows, we may offer promotions or third-party offers. Any time that ssspread asks for an address, a checkbox is provided to alert ssspread staff not to release the address to third-parties. Know that ssspread is committed to protecting individuals' personal contact information like it is our own.

In addition, all promotion e-mail from ssspread includes information on how to unsubscribe from the mailing list.

Demographic Information

ssspread may ask for survey information that includes age and income level so that we may assess what type of members we have. This information helps us develop a site that better suits our membership and along with any additional surveys we may request, can help us develop better content. Surveys are optional.

In addition, membership contact and billing information such as city, state, country, and zip helps us determine membership demographics.

Financial Information

ssspread uses iBill, a leader in secure and safe e-Transactions, to handle all financial transactions. They retain your check routing number or credit card number for ssspread recurring memberships. ssspread staff does not have access to your credit card number. If there are any concerns regarding the use of your credit card, you can contact the iBill web site at

Public Forums

ssspread may offer various methods for members to interact with one another (example: chat rooms,bulletin board systems and classifieds). Any information disclosed by the member to other members is at their own discretion. ssspread cannot be held responsible for such disclosures and members should be cautious disclosing personal information. Our Terms of Service contains more details.



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