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Mini Review - This site is so hot!! I DARE you to try to look at it and not have an orgasm. It is bound to happen if you are attracted to honest to goodness hot femmes, studly butches, and gender fucking amateurs that really love what they are doing as they are filmed. This site is a very rare find, and I am personally recommending it to many of the women's mailing lists I'm on. There are around 3345 pics on the site that you can view in slideshow or click to enlarge thumbnail format. These pics show women having sex in a genuine way and include such wonderful special interests as foot worship, strap ons, transgendered, human animal training (pony, dog), fisting, multiple partners, watersports, bloodsports, BDSM, roleplay (cowboy, sailor, boxer), and many ethnicities and body types. They even manage to show SEXY safer sex! If that isn't enough to get you off (and believe me it will be), there are around 12 hot stories and thought provoking articles and interviews. There is also a member's forum to discuss things. It seems that members really interact a lot with each other here, and they are even encouraged to share their own stories and original pics. Excellent site design, quick downloads, clear policies, simple contact form, and easy unsubscribe. They are everything done right on a website PLUS a step down pricing system so the longer you belong to the site the less you have to pay (if you choose that option). Amazing site! - Vamp

Cost: $13.95/ month recurring  Date Reviewed:  09/27/2001  Advertising Content:  Super Low

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