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06/15/01 00:09 AM
01 New to forums? Start Here.  

If you have never used a Forum (also called Message Board or Bulletin Board) you can learn everything you need to right here.

NOTE: These instructions are being built slowly so be patient with me...

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04/23/02 08:04 PM
What's that flashing mail icon? new [re: Fluffer]  

What's this flashing mail icon?

Our forums come with a great feature: private messaging!

It's your own personal Forum e-mail account. Whenever your account changes, the administrators or moderators need to contact members, or users want to contact you the e-mail icon will flash signifying that you have new mail.

How do I remove it?
Click on it to access your mail. It will disappear when you have read or modified every e-mail in your account.

How do I send private messages?
It's easy! Just click on any User's name. It will bring you to their bio screen. In the bottom left corner there will be a button...

Send a private message

Click on it to send one to that user.

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