03/11/02 05:57 PM
call me daddy

Ok, I think you are all very smart and perverted people (as am I). So I come to you with a question. I am expecting my first child in August (yes, thank you in advance). My problem is that "Mommy" sounds foreign and awkward. I would really feel more comfortable being called "Father" or "Dad". I do not "pass", nor am I a FtM. I'm butch, but it's obvious I am a woman.

What does everyone think about this? Hopefully one day I will meet someone who will love me and my child enough to become "Mommy" to her or him (or hir).

How can I deal with this in my conservative community? I'd rather not move to a city. I own my own home and the schools are nice here.

Help! I need other opinions by August. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

God, gender rigidity sucks.


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