05/18/02 08:46 PM
sex workers

I am really interested in becoming a sex worker, but i have absolutely no idea how to begin or where to begin or who to talk to. I tried applying to various phone sex companies but they all require experience. Do you lie? What do you do? I live in the Detroit/Ann Arbor area. If anybody has any sort of insight into beginning in this field, please let me know. i'm hungry for it.

05/19/02 11:36 AM
Re: sex workers

From what I know of the phone sex industry, they make fast decisions based on voice. Give'em your best sexy voice when you leave a message of inquiry or application. Try to get that first foot in the door and most likely they'll call you in for a script reading. I wouldn't lie about previous experience or lack of it. A good resource I found is "The Fantasy Factory" by Amy Flowers. A real smart and informative read on the industry as a whole along with personal accounts of some operators. Good luck, and let us know how you do.

(virgin )
05/23/02 01:23 PM
Re: sex workers

So you want to be a sex worker????

there are many different types of sex workers. In windsor, ontario, canada, which is across the river for you, they are called escorts. all you need to do is apply for a licence. you can either work for an agency or be independant. the laws in michigan are different.

there are tons of ads in the Metro times and Real Detroit for models ect......

perhaps you should model for ssspread. Good luck with your venture. Most importantly, be safe. If you are going to be in the business, then i would suggest someone whom you trust, always know where you are. It's a crazy world we live in. take care of yourself.

(virgin )
08/05/02 01:39 AM
Re: sex workers

there's a book out now, "turning pro", by magdalene meretrix, that's a good, thorough intro. the most important sex worker health advice i have is to find supportive community... i escorted for awhile, only knowing of a couple other workers and not spending time with them, and the isolation made me much more insecure about my choices than i am now, since i've been working in strip clubs and houses where i have other workers to share the experience with. being in any stigmatized group is hard, so take good care, and have fun!

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