(virgin )
06/14/01 10:37 AM
Re: homemade toys

whoa coco-kitty! back off a bit! who made you the SM police? beyond issues of materialism and your hippy-bashing, i think your attitudes come off as rather classist. not evryone can afford to run out and buy expensive SM toys. hell, i like to have nice things too. but sometimes ya gotta make do.

personally i'm not even that into SM. but i do like to be tied up, and i like to be spanked, and i don't need expensive restraints and padles and whips to get off. but i don't blame anybody who wants to spend their money on all that. SM fashion is hella sexy. but don't put down people who want to make their own gear, or do so out of necessity. for example lots of vegetarians have a hard time finding non-leather dildo harnesses, so i've seen a lot of creative solutions to that problem. same thing for plus size wimmin, most harnesses are made for skinny grrrls.

and besides, that folding spreader bar that sadie posted is pretty sweet. do they even make those that you can just buy out of a catalog? i think lots of people make their own gear because they have very specialized needs, or they have DIY ethic. what you call hippy, seems pretty fucking punk rock to me.

so lay off the personal attacks and let people have their fun.

jeff subhumyn

"Sex is fucking, everything else is gender"

-Kate Bornstein

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