02/21/02 08:38 PM
Re: switch-hitter...?

Swich is a divine thing, and so is having a femme who likes to fuck. I am a femme who likes to fuck. I hope I might help you by perhaps relating to your partner. I recently wed my beautiful butch top in June of 2001. We have phenominal sex, and sometimes I have to just take her....I have to bring her to the place that she has brought me over and over again.
I get a little frenzied after she has gotten me off. She is primarily the top because I allow it to be that way (I'd switch every time if I could..he he he)
I respect her need to be sexually dominant, and indulge it, but I often take the wheel, switch suddenly. It is so hot to touch a grrl, to taste her, to penetrate, and to pleasure her...It is fabulous to make her cum...especially a 'top'. I am so excited by 'top confidence', by the look, the strength, the grit of 'top' grrls. Your essence is of itself a turn on...and to pleasure you is truly the sexiest thing. I try extra hard to give my baby what every lesbian deserves- strong, nurturing love (still the best ingredient for extrordinary sex, in my opinion) and earth shattering orgasms. It is my pleasure to make my 'pitcher' into a 'catcher', and her squirming, squealing,thundering orgasms don't lie. Enjoy your partner's versatility. (I know that you do *wink)

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