09/07/03 09:27 PM
Crimson Flush

Talk up the Crimson Flush shoot with Isolde & Alexandria!

09/13/03 00:12 AM
Re: Crimson Flush

I'm finding my response to this shoot very interesting. I feel a lot more vulnerable/exposed seeing my shoot with Alexandria (my primary partner) than seeing shoots I've done with other friends/partners, because of the intense current between me & A. I'm not one to cry in public, so it feels very strange to have something this emotional up for public consumption. It's the spiritual nakedness, not the physical nakedness, that I'm wrestling with.

Anyone else experienced this, where they've conquered their body shame but not the shame around honest display of emotions? Do you think of this as a feminist issue that springs from distaste for the stereotype of the emotional woman?

I'm curious to see what people have to say about this.


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