08/10/03 09:38 PM

Talk up the Constricted shoot with Betsy Chainsaw & Cupid!

08/11/03 11:01 PM
Re: Constricted

Loved this shoot--kept finding myself pleasantly shocked (the cockring machine, saran wrap on face). What in heaven's name was that machine? Feels like the femme equivalent of drooling over Better Homes & Gardens, I just *love* your dungeon.... Thanks!

08/17/03 06:32 PM
Re: Constricted

According to Betsy Chainsaw, it's an animal castration devise. That tiny rubber band goes around the base of the scrotum, is left there until the testicles have been sufficiently deprived of a blood supply and dry up. Hope that description doesn't dry up your drool...

08/19/03 08:59 AM
Re: Constricted

it's called a "Band Elastrator" and you can get it at farm/rural supply shops. it's for castrating farm animals ("gelding" them). basically, it is a device that stretches a very tight, very small, very thick rubber band wide enough to fit a pair of balls (or a clit?) through, then the thing is let go and it crushes the testicular vessels and eventually the balls get gangrenous and fall off. it looked like fun, but one should probably remember to be careful, too. it could be hard to get off before you're hurt.

--annie d

(virgin )
10/11/03 09:36 PM
Re: Constricted

this is a really awesome shoot. is the dungeon in someone's *house*? it looked like you shot outside of an apartment in the stairwell, and that the first room was a living space... i'm impressed by your pad!

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