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Poster: lak
Subject: Re: Femme rant

OK i'm gonna have to put my neck on the line here and say something about the amount of femmes that are currently being featured in the Image galleries, don't get me wrong i am not a femme hater, and i am well aware that this site is for "hot femmes, studly butches,and lots of gender fuck"
I see lots of "hot femmes" but not so much of the "studly butches" and excuse me but where has the "lots of gender fuck" gone? it seems to be at a minimum.
It almost seems that this is the not so pc version of on our backs when it used to be really a lot more diverse and groundbreaking..... you just gotta compare the older pics in the galleries to the newer ones to see that

Soooo in all of this i was wondering what everone else felt about this

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