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Poster: Zeena
Subject: Re: call me daddy

Daddy: People will find any number of reasons to trespass in your life. The name your child will call you seems like it might be one of those minor issues that most will just see as odd. I would have the same problem as you have with Mom (or Dad for that matter). Both are gendered, normative titles. If I had a child (which I don't) I think I'd just have her/him call me by my first name. Either that or a completely made-up name (like, "Zappy" or some nonsence word) that has no gender specificity, to be replaced by your own name in time. It's not because you called him "Dad" that you love your father - it's because he's a great person who loves you and has always treated you with respect (my projection, but probably accurate).

Chaos is right. Teach the children well and maybe those around them will learn. That's the thing. Whether you want to be or not, by default, just being queer, you'll always be teaching someone something.

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