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Poster: subhumyn
Subject: Re: intro

hello? is this thing on? testing one two one two!

just thought i'd write an intro thingy so people know where i'm cuming from. my name's jeff subhumyn, or jsub. i'm biologically male but i ID as transgender. i prefer gender nuetral pronouns such as "s/he" and hir (pronounced "zee" and "here"), but those can be awkward in the real world (meatspace), so if you see me at a show or a demonstration you can use either male or female pronouns. i answer to both.

i am bixsexual (pansexual) and in a long term open relationship, but not really promiscuious (nothing wrong with that at all though). i prefer to play around with friends and people i trust.

i'm here because i want to support good alternative pornography, because you seldom see positive images of real people with real bodies. i get off on all types of body shapes and sizes and types. and i think ssspread rocks.

if you wanna see what i look like, i'm the biomale in the three way fag scene in the "spin the bottle" shoot.

and if you wanna know about my thoughts on revolution and authoritarian power structures you can check out my website:

self-promo: harmful matter

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